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Do's and Don'ts to face this monsoon without any vaginal infections

Tips to Prevent Vaginal Infections During Monsoon

Who doesn’t love the rains? Sitting by the window, with a cup of coffee, and watching the rain go pitter-patter, is a great stress buster. It’s that cozy feeling you shouldn’t miss.

Vaginal infections are on the rise with the onset of the monsoon. Vaginal candidiasis, a fungal infection, is prevalent if intimate hygiene is not maintained. Here are some do's and don’ts to keep yourself vaginal infection free this monsoon -

Do's -

  • Keep your genital area dry
    Pat yourself dry gently using a toilet paper from the back to front, post your washroom visit
  • Practice safe sex
    Use condoms during sexual intercourse thereby reducing the risk of transmission of infections
  • Clean your vaginal area post sexual intercourse
    This will eliminate exposure to infections.
  • Eat healthy to maintain your immunity
    Plenty of fruits, vegetables, and yoghurt help. Drink water to keep yourself hydrated

Don'ts -

  • Do not wear soaked clothes for long
    Dampness advocates infection and also increases friction in your inner thighs, so ensure that your undergarments and clothes if soaked, are replaced at the earliest by dry ones, thereby avoiding chances of developing a vaginal infection
  • Avoid intimate hygiene wash products
    Intimate washes can disturb the pH balance in the vagina thereby causing irritation, and leading to an infection. Washing your genital area with plain water every day is sufficient
  • Do not wear tight clothes
    Tight garments increase humidity and retain more sweat. This will increase your chances of rashes, vaginal infections, and Urinary Tract Infections [UTIs]
  • Avoid eating spicy food
    While we all love to binge on those mouth-watering spicy delicacies during monsoon, an increase in intake of spicy foods decreases the pH level of the vagina, thus increasing your chances of a fungal infection.

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