Hetero Healthcare Divisions

Hetero Healthcare is one of the leading manufacturers, distributors, and bulk suppliers of pharmaceutical drugs. We aim to satisfy the demand for medicines and improve the lives of many people. The specification of the "division of drugs" defines our area of emphasis for public inquiries and provides information about different Hetero Healthcare divisions. Click through your required division to view the therapies and brands associated with that particular division.

  • ASRA Division

    ASRA Division

    The biologics vertical was conceptualized in the year 2009. With the identification of key Biosimilars and helmed by a multi-disciplinary team of over 200 specialists, R&D commenced soon at the Hetero Research Foundation(HRF).

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  • AURA Division

    AURA Division

    Hetero Healthcare Ltd began its marketing operations in India with the launch of Antiretrovirals (ARVs) and has gained prominence in the field of HIV/AIDS. We Manufacture and market major classes of ARVs as mono drugs, dual or triple-drug FDCs and differential packaging to improve patient compliance.

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  • COVID 19 Management

    COVID 19 Management

    Hetero Healthcare has launched multiple antiviral medicines in one year to fight Corona with a determination to contribute to the vision "COVID-free India."

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  • Diaspa Division

    Diaspa Division

    Hetero Healthcare have come to the world to help millions with a new approach to Diabetes management digitally. We offer complete solutions to Diabetes management (Dia) with & (Spa like) Rejuvenation.

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  • Frenza Division

    Frenza Division

    In the Paediatric segment Frenza addressing Paediatric Respiratory & Gastroenterology issues. In Gynaecology addresses the woman healthcare from Conception to Lactation and Vaginal Wellness.

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  • Gastro Division

    Gastro Division

    Hetero Hepatology is committed towards creating awareness about Hepatitis B and C, providing access to high quality medicines at affordable rates and enriching lives of patients.

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  • Generics(Alpha) Division

    Generics(Alpha) Division

    The purpose of launching Alpha Division (Generics) was to ensure our presence with the masses even at the micro interiors. We at Hetero, believes in giving quality of medicines at affordable prices.

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  • Genx Division

    Genx Division

    GENX a Division of Hetero Healthcare is one of the major contributors to Hetero Healthcare Ltd. having a turnover of 1200 million. GENX is committed to providing products and services of quality.

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  • HHCL Main Division

    HHCL Main Division

    HHCL is a main Division of Hetero Healthcare Ltd with a clear intent of becoming a strong Healthcare Solution provider. At HHCL, we achieve customer satisfaction by providing products and services.

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  • KRIS Division

    KRIS Division

    KRIS Division that started in 2010, today KRIS commands the highest growth with a progressive trend. Today, with a domestic market share of 1.01 percent in its represented market and the business growing three-fold between 2010-2015.

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  • Oncology Division

    Oncology Division

    Hetero Oncology commercializes portfolio of Oncology and Hematology products to address the unmet medical needs of people with cancer and related diseases.

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  • Speciality Care Division

    Speciality Care Division

    Hetero Healthcare R & D Centre had developed across a vast area. A striking feature of Hetero Healthcare is the well-planned and comprehensive infrastructure provided at this division.

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  • ULTRA Division

    ULTRA Division

    Ultra Division – the OTC division of Hetero healthcare focuses on over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and sexual wellness products.

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  • Volga Division

    Volga Division

    VOLGA a super speciality division with focus on Urology & Nephrology ailments has been launched in the year 2016. The initial focus in Nephrology segment is anaemia caused due to CKD.

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