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HETERO HEALTHCARE honored with the Pharma Excellence Award for COVID Drugs-2020

COVID Drug Launch Excellence Award to Hetero Healthcare

Hetero Healthcare feels proud & delighted to be honoured with the ‘COVID drug launch Excellence Award’. The award was given to recognize Hetero Healthcare’s contribution to provide access to COVIFOR (Remdesivir) injection among more than 100000 patients across India during the critical time of the COVID pandemic.

Heal Health Connect Solution in association with the Express Pharma presented the Pharma Excellence Awards to honour few Pharma companies for their outstanding contribution to the country in successfully meeting the challenges during COVID -19 on August 20, 2020. Heal Health Connect solution is one of the most renowned marketing solution organisation. The award was given as an appreciation to recognize the innovative minds in the field of social healthcare, education, production and supply chain technology, and medicine that put efforts to make the life of common Indian people safe and sound during the times of pandemic. The award in other way requested the recipients to keep up the innovative work so as to provide public health facilities during the time of emergency in the near future.

Express pharma Excellence award is one of the most prestigious awards for the industry leading pharmaceutical companies. The awards were conferred to different pharma companies under the following categories:

  1. COVID Drugs - Covid drug launch Excellence
  2. COVID - Socio impact program Excellence
  3. COVID - Patient education Excellence
  4. COVID - Medical education Excellence
  5. COVID - Technical advancement Excellence
  6. COVID - Manufacturing Excellence
  7. COVID - Supply chain Excellence

Hetero Healthcare got approval from the Drug Controller General of India on June 20, 2020 to market the generic version of Remdesivir called as COVIFOR. COVIFOR is a restricted, emergency use drug for the treatment of hospitalized coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients.

Hetero Healthcare has always aimed to improve the quality life of the people with their products in different therapeutic categories by the process of continuous Research and Development. The team of Hetero Healthcare is always committed to find treatment and management of some of the serious diseases that affect humans. During the time of pandemic, when lockdown was imposed, Hetero Healthcare distributed around 20000 vials of COVIFOR all across the country. Until, more then 1,00,000 patients have been treated with COVIFOR and around 8 lakh vials have been supplied all across the nation.

It is all the more delighting to be emerged as victorious when the nominees are from Industry veterans and the panel that selected the winner constitutes the best legends of pharma Industry.

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