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Stealth is Shooking the world: A Few Fascinating Facts about the Baby of Omicron

Concerning Facts about BA.2 or Stealth Variant

After a long time, many countries started breathing from the fear of Corona. Furthermore, there was a drastic reduction in Corona cases, deaths, and restrictions were no longer of concern. However, a new variant has set the world ablaze and is making headlines lately.

The new variant is BA.2 Variant or Stealth - the Subvariant of Omicron.

Experts say, "Stealth might be the onset of the Fourth Covid Wave. The world has not yet heard of this variant. Nevertheless, it is still a Variant of Concern."

Here are a few Interesting Facts about Stealth everybody should know:

It is essential to know these facts about Stealth and take necessary measures to stay safe.

Like Omicron, Stealth is deadly:

In Accordance with World Health Organization (WHO), the unfamiliar BA.2 Variant is as intense as the Omicron strain. Additionally, the group suggested that public health authorities should continue to monitor BA.2 as a distinct subgenus of Omicron.

You Can't Detect Stealth easily:

The new variant is defined as the combination of two sub-variants of the Omicron version of the Covid virus named BA.1 and BA.2.

The concerning fact about BA.2 or Stealth is the difficulty of its detection as it misses the relevant mutations in the spike protein necessary for the rapid PCR tests to identify the infection. It is distinct from the parent variant that way.

How does Stealth differ from Delta?

As per WHO, the new variant affects the upper respiratory tract, and in contrast to Delta, Stealth does not affect the lungs, and it doesn't fade off the symptoms such as loss of taste, smell, and shortness of breath.

Stealth Symptoms to Look Out For:

Early symptoms of Stealth are dizziness and extreme fatigue. Other symptoms might include fever, cough, sore throat, sore hand, muscular fatigue, cold, and elevated heart rate.

If you happen to observe these symptoms, the best you can do to yourself is consult a medical professional and take the necessary medication.

Is India at risk?

The new variant is still unheard of and unknown to many. However, research is going on across to find out the new variant's spread and severity.

IIT Kanpur's Department of Mathematics and statistics has carried out a modeling study that used the Sutra Model.

It stated that the fourth wave of a pandemic might start around June 22 and gets to peak from mid to late August 2022 in India.

The second study from the same institution recently stated the spreading factors are Contact rate and the fraction of susceptible population. The higher these factors, the more quickly the virus spreads.

We found that the combination of these two factors determined about 80% of the spreading speed of Delta waves."


As per the study and a little scientific basis, it is necessary for people with past infections to get vaccinated and reduce the risk of being affected by the new variant Stealth.

It is always preferable to follow the Safety Measures to Stay Safe and Stay Protected.

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