Diaspa Division

Hetero Healthcare have come to the world to help millions with a new approach to Diabetes management digitally. At Hetero Healthcare we go beyond the obvious with a dedicated Diabetic Division of Hetero Healthcare which offers complete solutions to Diabetes management (Dia) with & (Spa like) Rejuvenation.

Our Therapies

Anti Dyslipidemic Agents

Anti Dyslipidemic agents are used in the management of Lipids by lowering the high cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.

Anti Hypertensives

Anti Hypertensive drugs are used in the management of Hypertension by lowering the High Blood Pressure (HBP).

Neuropathy Pain Management

Neuropathic Pain is a complex, chronic pain state that usually is accompanied by tissue injury.

Oral Anti Diabetics

Oral Anti Diabetics are used in the management of Type 2 Diabetes mellitus by lowering the blood glucose levels and by reducing Insulin resistance.