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The Most Effective Must Follow Habits for A Healthy and Happy Life

Habits For a Healthier, Happier Life

Time and Health are the two precious assets of a human being created and destroyed by their actions. In today's frantic pace healthy lifestyle is nearly impossible, yet it is crucial for overall well-being. Our body is our most priceless possession, and it is our responsibility to keep it healthy for strong and precise mental health. We should walk an extra mile, invest time, put in small efforts to follow the basic rules of health to live healthily, happily, and stay away from chronic diseases, medicines, and hospitals. Following these few activities regularly will help you stay healthy.

1. Start your day with breakfast:
Do not skip your breakfast in the morning as it kicks starts your metabolism and avoids overeating for the rest of the day. Research proves that people of all ages who eat breakfast every day execute more qualitative work at their workplace or schools when compared to people who skip their breakfast. During your morning rush, gulp down a fruit, an energy bar, biscuit, or some juice to break the fast but do not skip breakfast.

2. Water is Your Best Friend:
Water is the best friend to fuel up your body and conduct the proper functioning of all organs. Do not let your body get dehydrated. Doctors recommend drinking 2-3 litres of water every day. However, aim for more quantity depending upon your lifestyle. Water improves digestion, skin, and hair health. It detoxifies the body by removing all the harmful substances from the body.

3. Sleep:A good night's sleep gives surprising benefits to your health. Sleep regulates the body's metabolism by releasing vital hormones that aid in the health of the heart and blood vessels. Sleep deprivation arises many chronic problems like obesity, thyroid, high blood pressure, heart attack, failure, stroke, diabetes, etc. Take out time for proper sleep to give rest to your brain, avoid hormonal imbalance, and rejuvenate the next day with a fresh hope.

4. Graze well!
This is always told to us by our grandparents and parents since our childhood. However, in the present scenario, we relied on the instant and junk foods which is a potent trigger to many diseases like obesity. Doctors suggest not to follow a special diet to become healthy but eat the routine food in small quantities at various intervals. Your food should be a package of nutrients, protein, calcium, healthy fats to balance the body and elevate your health. Experts say “Eat with your brain, not with your tongue!”

5. Movement nourishes the body:
Exercise is critical for healthy bones, muscles, and proportionate bone and muscle density. You don't have to be a fitness freak to stay healthy, 45 minutes of physical activity daily is recommended to maintain a healthy body. If you stop the movement and numb your body, it becomes stiff. Muscles and bones lose their mass, fat gets accumulated in the body, and the body loses its balance.

6. Stress Management:Stress is an emotional or physical tension that has disastrous consequences on the body. It is a body's response to pressure or fear that is normal in every human being. However, long-term or chronic stress tosses your health affecting your sleep, immune system, emotional and physical health. It is crucial to manage stress for a healthy life. Use various stressbusters like listening to music, dance, cooking, or making time for your hobbies and interests.

7. Embrace mental peace:Mental peace is a state of being mentally and emotionally calm. It is achieved when we have no fears, no stress, and no worries. It is an experience of happiness and contentedness inside the mind. We often overlook these activities due to our busy schedules and negligence. They are not so difficult or time-consuming. For a healthy and happy life, try to reach the heights of mental peace by removing negativity and negative people from your life. Try meditation, reduce stress in life, exercise, get satisfied with whatever you have, avoid jealousy, stay happy always. It is just about accepting things as they come, and finding out things that work for you and make you happy.

Every activity you do and every bite you intake counts on your health. Stay positive, Incorporate the above tips into your routine and help yourself to live a healthier and happier life. Never give up on your health, as it is the best investment you can ever make in your life.

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