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Maintaining Vitamin D Levels During COVID-19 Pandemic

Tips to maintain your Vitamin D levels in the body


The human skin absorbs Vitamin D from sunlight and utilizes it to synthesize Calcium and Phosphorous in the body. Thus Vitamin D is also called "Sunshine Vitamin." It’s a fat-soluble vitamin and is of three types: D-1, D-2, and D-3. Vitamin D maintains the levels of calcium and phosphate in the body. These nutrients are necessary for strong bones, teeth, and muscles and increase the body’s resistance to fight against diseases. Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory property that helps to shorten the duration and adverse effects of infections.

Some of the other significant benefits of Vitamin D include:

  1. Reducing your risk of multiple sclerosis
  2. Decreasing your chance of developing heart disease
  3. Provides immunity against flu
  4. It helps in reducing depression and regulates the neuromuscular system

Depletion in Vitamin D levels during Covid-19 Pandemic

Nations across the globe imposed lockdowns and shutdowns to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. People were restricted from moving outside, and only essential survival items like food and medicine were available. The lockdown also brought many reforms in working culture, which was earlier thought possible in the next 40-50 years. Work from Home is now being applied by all of the service-based companies around the globe. Companies are making policies where employees can work from anywhere they like (Thanks to the internet). Work from home promotes social distancing, prevents the rapid spread of the virus, and saves people's lives without hampering the business's growth.

However, this entire concept of home quarantine or lockdowns for longer durations can trigger Vitamin D deficiency in the body. People staying indoors for a longer duration do not get enough sunlight. The skin needs sunlight to synthesize Vitamin D, which is very much essential for our body. Daily intake of vitamin D in the diet helps strengthen our bones and teeth and keeps our immune cells healthy.

A recent study by David O. Meltzer et al. published in the JAMA open network journal on September 3, 2020, discovered a correlation between vitamin D deficiency and a higher risk of COVID-19. Vitamin D levels decrease when there is an ongoing inflammation in the body rather than stating that low vitamin D levels predispose the body to severe infection. Older people, obese people, patients with heart disease, people who drink too much alcohol suffer from low levels of Vitamin D. This is also interesting to note that such risk factors are also applicable for COVID-19. However, there is not enough evidence yet to say that Vitamin D supplements can reduce the risk of COVID-19.

What will happen if the Vitamin D level decreases?

  • Our bones will go weak which means fractures may be common
  • Rate of regeneration of bone cells will slow down
  • Bone density will deteriorate
  • Osteoporosis, joint pain, and inflammation will be present
  • Immunity loss may appear and body will be vulnerable from attack of other diseases.
  • Headache, Hair fall, muscle pain, lethargy, and tiredness will be some of the common symptoms

Thus patients who have recovered from COVID-19 and normal healthy people who are staying indoors for a longer duration of time must maintain their Vitamin D levels to lead a healthier life.

How to keep your Vitamin D levels intact at home during this pandemic?

Here are certain tips to maintain your Vitamin D level in the body.

  • Always have foods rich in Vitamin D. Animal and dairy products like paneer, cheese, milk, fish, egg yolk, yogurt, fortified cereals, and orange juice are rich sources of Vitamin D.
  • If you have an open roof, go out for a walk early in the morning from 7 am to 10 am. You can also jog within your apartment complex, where you can get fresh air and sunshine. You can also do yoga on your balcony, where sunlight is sufficient.
  • Do not keep your room dark. Allow sunlight to enter your room through the windows.
  • Get your Vitamin D levels tested. If the doctor allows, then go for supplements. Hetero Healthcare's 36 D soft gelatin capsule is very useful in maintaining Vitamin D levels in the body.
  • Do exercise regularly.

Hetero Healthcare urges every citizen of India to register and take vaccines on time, eat healthy food, wear a mask, maintain social distancing and wash your hands properly. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy

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